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1.  Privacy Policy


Click treats personal information lawfully and correctly and fully endorses and adheres to the principles of data protection, as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.  We recognize the importance of maintaining your privacy. We value your privacy and appreciate your trust in us. This Privacy Policy applies to current and former visitors to our website.

By visiting and/or using our website, you agree to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains the information practices that apply to personally identifiable information that we collect about you as an individual when you visit and/or use our website. Any information that we collect about you while you are visiting or using our website will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy and will not be shared except in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information about you collected by our affiliates or third party websites that may post links or advertisements on or otherwise be accessible from our website. The information collected by these affiliates or third party websites is subject to their own privacy policies.



2. Intellectual Property


All the contents that are collected on, except those that are indicated as contrary, are of advertising quality, and not limited to, graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics among other elements that appear on the web page.  Equally, all commercial names, makes, or distinctive signs of whichever type contained on the page are protected by the law.  The *titular* of the web page does not concede any type of license or authorization relating to personal use to the user towards their intellectual, industrial property rights or whichever other right related with the *his/her* web site and the services offered there, without prior, written permission.  Due to this, the user appreciates the right that the reproduction, distributions, commercialization, transformation, and, in general, any type of exploitation, regardless of the manner, of all or part of the contents of these web pages, constitutes an infraction of the intellection and/or industrial property rights of the *titular* of the web page or of the *titular* of them.



3.  What are cookies?


Cookies re small text files which are stored in the user’s device at the moment of visiting a web page.  It is the web master of the web site that determines wht type of information the said file stores and what its purpose is, given that it can also be used by the web server every time that the page is visited.  Cookies are used to save time and to make the web browsing experience more efficient. 

Cookies allow us to have a better functioning web page.  By using this web site, you are accepting the use of cookies.



4. Productivity cookies


The intention of cookies is to gather information about how the web site is used (for example, the pages that are visited, or if there are errors) and also to help locate and solve problems on the web site.  All the gathered information is totally anonymous and it helps us to understand how our website works, making opportune improvements possible in order to facilitate your browsing.


These said cookies allow:

  1. Allow the user to browse the web site
  2. Google Analytics, cookies aimed at analysing the web. The information gathered is completely anonymous and it doesn’t allow any type of visitor identification.  You may find more detailed information relating to Google Analytics * here *


We process information about how you use the web page, in order to understand the usability of the site, and to help us implement any necessary improvements.

Blocking cookies helps protect privacy, but at the same time it can limit your experience using some web pages.

If you would like to find out more about how to deactivate cookies on the most popular web browsers, click on the following links.


Chrome     |     Firefox     |     Internet explorer     |     Safari



5.  User contents property does not have the ability to determine the real content properties created or loaded on behalf of or by the client or user.

In terms of the contents (such as web sites, web pages and widgets) created or uploaded to the web site on behalf of a user ( states that it has not received any payment, unless the contrary is stated in the licenses which it has), the owner of the said contents is considered the user or the *titular* of the said web site.


Ownership of contents on user pages.


Clickresult does not have the capacity to determine the real contents created or uploaded by, or on behalf of, the client or user.

In terms of contents, such as websites, web pages and widgets) created or uploaded by or on behalf of the user (Click result confirms that it has not received any payment, unless the contrary is stated according to the licenses that it has), the owner of said contents will be considered the user or the *titular* of the said web.

Clickresult accepts no responsibility for the contents that the client or user uploads or publishes on their website.



6.  Tariffs and payment


Clickresult offers paid services such as web programming, web design, web positioning, hosting and domain, and in addition design services such as the creation of publicity banners for web sites and other services related to web page contents. 


All services offered and sold by Clickresult are of private nature and the resale of such services or products is not permitted, unless Clickresult expresses written permission for the third party use of its products.


The re-sale of purchases made from Clickresult is strictly prohibited.

Clickresult reserves the right to modify its prices at any times.  Bear in mind that, in accordance with internal contracts, Clickresult has the right to collate client tariffs in the name of the billed services, in order to process all the payments and refunds.


Tariffs do not include taxes, the client will have to pay any relevant taxes relating to each product or service purchased or contracted.


All tariffs relative to the use of billed services or products, will be charged according to the payment method that the client has chosen and those payment options provided by Clickresult.

All payments that the cliente owes will not be automatically charged.  A bill will be sent once payment has been initiated; should the client not make the said payment will take appropriate measures for the cancellation or will nullify the said services.

Prices and tariffs are not refundable, unless explicitly state, even if said services’ tariffs are suspended, interrupted or are transferred prior to completion. the right to modify prices and tariffs in any given moment, and these changes can be published online, on the website, and will come into immediate effect, without the requirement to inform any user.



7.  Payments and refunds


Billed services provided by, are administered with prior payment and instalments depending on what the client or user has chosen. will refund the money paid when the product or service contracted by the client fails to resemble what the client chose.

Tailor-made services, such as web designs, programming or apps, banner creations, animations, animations, or other bespoke services, will not be privy to any kind of refund, unless the product or service is not that which was previously discussed and planned before the commencement of the project.  



8.  Technical support provides technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Web pages sold by come with free technical support as long as the web site is hosted by does not accept responsibility for changes or modifications made to products that have been hosted on a different server.  In these cases will not provide free technical support and any technical support given will be charged for.

Clients that purchase and then host their products on another server will have free technical support during the first few months, as and when the client or user has made no alterations or changes to the delivered product.




9.  Prohibitions


The client or user will not be able to:


- Impersonate another person or business or falsely declare or steal the identity of any other person or business, or infringe the author rights of any person or business.


- Upload, publish, send by email, transmit contents for which they do not possess rights (such as confidential information and intellectual property that has been traced and divulged as a type of work relations o contracts of reserved rights).


- Upload, publish, send by email, or make available adverts, promotional materials, junk mail, undesired email-outs, chain letters, pyramid schemes, neither any form of unauthorized or unsolicited petition.


- Send email-outs that are unsolicited in order to promote the site or contents, or participate in unethical commercial or publicized practices which do not comply with the Law against unsolicited bulk mail (CAN-SPAM), 2003. 


- Upload, publish, send email, transmit or dispense of material that contains viruses or any other coding information, archive or programme, designed to interrupt, destruct or limit how the software or hardware works


- Violate or attempt to violate, intentionally or not, or avoid the rules or policies applicable for ICANN


- Agree, indemnify and excuse from all cases that come about from the use of the services that may damage yourself or another party. 



10.General information


Bear in mind that the website may be in a state or update or testing or maintenance.   Understand and accept that services may contain software defects, suffer interruptions, and not operate as expected.


11. Customer services


You can get in touch with us via email or by telephone (+44) 01908 881031 from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.   You can also contact the support department from your CMS admin panel, or by clicking here .

















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