If you’re an entrepreneur or your business needs a fresh, intuitive, visible website with solid programming and an incredible design, ClickResult is the place for you!.



We specialise in programming and designing professional web solutions of high quality, whether you're a self-employed entrepreneur or a small/medium business we will get you the results you need.  To achieve our high standards we use the most advanced programming techniques and tricks such as HTML5, Php, Javascript and much more.



Since 2010 we've been creating and designing web pages, animations, online catalogues, online stores, not to mention helping our clients get great results through web positioning.



Our experience in this sector means we know what a successful project is, what it looks and feels like, and how we can continue to help our clients make the most out of their web investment. 















Our experience allows us to identify and relate to your needs with clarity, which proves to be a great advantage for our clients.







We create and develop projects in a proactive manner, understanding the needs of each client in order to offer the correct and more productive solution. 







We’ve been working with SME and self-employed businesses for years, so we understand how important your website is. What’s more, our superb balance between quality and price is just right for those looking for a new website or their first.  We excel in this, which is why we have a portfolio of satisfied clients who continue to work with us.




…and that’s not all



We feel part of your company which is why we offer advice, technical support and help create and plan online marketing campaigns. We give you this and much more, all a fundamental part of our service.








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Bespoke online store

Do you get confused by online stores development?  An online store requires more than just simply programming, you also have to give it a bespoke design, prepare search engine recognition, promote and manage it.


Talk to us today and we’ll be able to help you be successful online.




Web designers and programmers online

If you’re searching web development in the UK, you’re searching for Clickresult.co.uk. 


You can count on our team to come up with some original and spectacular designs.


We’re available to talk to you over the phone or chat online to discuss your project, without committments.




Web development

A unique web design company, we’ve spent years satisfying lots of clients of web pages and online stores without addtional payments for professional web positioning.


Improve your presence online.  ClickResult will take you to the next level.




Bespoke designs

If you sell products or services, increase your online presence with an online store facelift.  You’ll receive personalised attention as well as design as we don’t work with templates, we are web page designers and progammers




Personalised attention at each stage

If you’re looking for a webpage which stands out from the busy web, you’ll find the answer with our bespoke web designs.  We’ve been creating websites for years in the web development sector in Spain and the UK.  We specialise in bespoke designs and excellent client service.


We’re professionals with a brimming portfolio of satisfied clients.  Speak to us today!




Web development UK

Get yourself a professionally designed and bespoke web page with experts in web development based in the UK.  Work with us and you’ll receive superb attention as well as an impressive and unique bespoke design


We don’t work with templates, we work with web designers,


Speak to us online by chat, call us or drop us an email.






Web design UK

Do you want to get yourself ready for the upcoming holidays?  Update your web page or your online store, talk to our web design professionals about online store development or web positioning.  No strings attached, call us now.





Online presence

The main thing is that you have a professional webpage or online stores that looks that part, and with which clients can see your products and services.


Once you have a professional web design or online stores, it’s recomendable to maintain it every week so that frequent visitors keep coming back for more out of interest.


You could do this be offering discounts or promotions, news updates, fresh banners, image changes.  A chat online will also help you to grab potential clients’ attention


If you’re interested in having a webpage or online stores, our professionals are at hand and available to talk through your options.


Speak to us today.






Professional online store

Think of your client        

Just like you know your clients and products well, your online store needs to be the same, like a phyiscal store.  For instance, the manner in which you group products, use corporate colours, channel key messages and don’t overwhelm with information, clear terms and sign-posting.


But you also have to think about speed and the purchasing journey or path of your client.  Professionally designed webpages and stores keep this in mind and are created with intuitivity at their heart so that clients can navigate, and buy, quickly and easily without frustrations or stress.


Ask your clients or family members to give it a go, and you’ll see that they’ll tell you they prefer a minimilistic web design that favours navigation and makes the purchase clear and easy to make



Professional web development



Equipping an online store, just like a web page, is a process driven collaboratively between the designer and client, or you!  The designer gives recommendations and assesses your needs and requirements such as format of the page, programing needs and online stores you may like.  Listen to your web professional as he/she will be able to help you in many ways to get the best page online for your business.






Online marketing and online store logistics

Getting your store online isn’t the end of your journey!  You have to work in order to improve the positioning of your stores in search engines, not to mention the potential revenue paid adverts could bring you.


Before anything else, you have to know how to attract or divert traffic to your online store or webpage.  You can direct traffic through current clients, newsletters, paid or free ads, social media or improving the natural positioning. 


Having your store online doesn’t guarantee clients or buyers in itself, it’s like opening a store in the fringes or town – you have to market it to potential clients to get them to visit.


The final piece of advice we have is that you are clear about the logistics of an online store so you are able to maintain and it and your deliveries, customer service and more!


Evaluate your way fowward with our professional web design and online store development team


Speak to us today!






Professional web design and online image

The first step when going digital is to consider which colours to use, and more importantly, if these colours match those you use offline – perhapsin your physical store, business cards or letterheads.


As humans we realice that we’re influenced by many things around us, and colours are a key element of this as they can evoke many different emotions.


We recommend you have no more than three corporate colours as part of your web design. 


Once you’ve decided on the colours you need a good source of quality images to help add to the visual side of things.  A page should have no more than 200 or more pages of text so the images are really important as they can speak to users and clients without them having to read!


Every business has a relationship between entrepreneur and client, whichever market, which is to say that it has its social aspect.  A webpage therefore needs to not only have a professional design but it must also reflect the actual business, should it also operate offline – this helps to have consistent communication between a business and its clients.


Even if you’re not a big company, it’s important to invest time in creating and maintaining a profile on Facebook, at least, and to register with online directories as well as exchanging links with sector-relevant businesses.  This is a way to generate interest and a key characteristic in generating, and improving, web positioning.







Your webpage and your mobile

Do you have a smartphone?  Of course you do as almost all UK consumer do – and we use them.  We use them a lot!


It’s important not only to know this as a business but you also have to prepare your webpage so that potential clients arrive – it’s important to focus the strategy of the business on your future clients and a mobile site is your means of getting there.


As we know it’s important to have a mobile page, and so is considering its design, navigation, positioning – all achievable with a bespoke webpage.






Online store and corporate web pages

We are experts and professionals in the development of web pages for selling or offering services, as well as store development and professional web positioning.


We offer our design and professional development services for stores and web pages across the UK and Europe.


Speak to us – no strings attached!






We pages for business and freelance

We are professionals in web design and web positioning, we pride ourselves on giving clients the maximum attention, tech support and quality provision without hidden charges.  Our objective is to make and create professional web stores and pages which work best for clients who have trusted in us.






Web design and chat online

An efficient way of engaging with new clients through your web site is to have a chat feature and to be online, and ready to speak to clients.  This way you possible clients will see that you are online to assist and help them at all times, as if you were standing in a shop.


With a professional web design you have a chat online and you can widen your reach and contact with possible clients or interested customers.






Text fonts for web design

Highlight important contents or create professional banners with more than 100 types of letters compatible with professional web design, bespoke online stores, web store positioning, and much more

– what are you waiting for?  Speak to us about having your own content management system so you can alter texts and banners as you see fit, add touches of your personality and add focus to important contents. 


You’ll have all this and more with your very own CMS.






Icons and buttons on your website

Professional web design with icons and buttons for pages and online stores – professional web design UK – professional web design UK


Add different types of icons to your design – we have more than 600 icons at your disposal – change the colour, the size and more or add buttons with links to focus contents that need highlighting within your page – all of this is do-able using the admin panel within our bespoke CMS.





Effects and animations for your webpage

Add effects and animations to your professional web design and grab the attention of webpage visitors.  Make catalogues of images or galleries with different effects to configure the catalogue for web positioning with key words – all from the admin panel in the CMS.





Professional web design with mobile version

Start with a professional, your professional web design with mobile version – make new contacts with possible clients from your web page or from your mobile site


With us you have the professional web design and mobile design with positioning at the best price.


Speak with us and find out more.





Contents and banner advice for your professional web design

Update your design on a regular basis with new contents such as original banners, high resolution images (but light in weight), fonts, original and catchy text and prices.  If you change and maintain your website up to date it will help your web positioning and grab the attention of your clients.


Remember the key for making your web page or online store successful is to have quality, interesting content.





Web designs UK for companies and freelancers

More and more businesses and freelancers work with us due to our professionalism, personalised attention and above all for the work we create time and again.  We are a company which cares about its clients.


We are experts and professionals in web design, positioning SEO and PPC, online stores, bespoke web pages, animations, CMS panels, payment platforms and online bookings, we work on a bespoke basis for each client.


Speak to us and begin to attract more interest in your business, product and/or services.